Previously I’ve tried the original v1 version of the Vandy Vape Pyro and I sold it off after days of using it. Why? It just didn’t make me feel good about using it. It did give a good flavour but it wasn’t as good as this V2. Yes, they’ve released the V2 version of the Pyro already. It comes as a BF RDTA. Meaning to say you can also use it for your goddam squonk mods. That’s right. A refillable and squoankable RDTA Pyro. Apart from that the build quality is exclusive and I like how stealthy the air flow is this time. Superb taste and really good for flavouring and not to mention the immense clouds you get from this bugger. Many is looking forward to this one by Vandy Vape.

Time to unbox and try this Pyro V2 out and see if I like it!

Jom bogelkan dia lepastu nyonyot sampai inzhol… Santai… www.reviewoftheyear.blogREVIEW OF THE YEAR (ROTY) by Abe Bakar

Posted by The Bearded Bros. on Ahad, 19 Ogos 2018