About Us

Review Of The Year (ROTY) is a fresh new concept of influence and review by Abe Bakar. An individual who is really passionate about his lifestyle while sharing it with the public about the latest and most trending things they can use or enjoy doing. From vaping, to food and hangout joints, barbershop and styling, events/expo, destinations and getaways and so much more.

Imagine having a highly influential public figure on social media who can help you engage wide audiences for your products and services and helping you getting the product awareness you’ve always wanted.

The expertise of influencing his audience, loyal customers and followers, and not forgetting all the copywriting done for you is his key strength in getting the word out to the public.

All of his feedback from his reviews are precise, real and he has his own unique way of attracting more viewers to follow his publishing materials via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Whatsapp. Apart from all this, he also has his own group on Whatsapp known as Abe Bakar Cliques that his followers get real-time info, honest opinions, and recommendations on the products reviewed.

Why Review Of The Year?

Each and every reviewer and influencer have their own way of doing things and that is why it is important for clients to know what they are getting from hiring their reviewing or marketing package. Here at Review Of The Year (ROTY) we have a clear vision of what is the best strategy to keep audience coming and turn them into end users or simply just remind them that your brand, product and services are still available in the market.

With this vision of ours, we have tailored a number of packages for clients to take up according to their budget. These packages are simple yet effective to work with.

Why it is important to engage Review Of They Year (ROTY)? Because we provide a broader coverage compared to other reviewers in  the market. We don’t just cover Facebook Live and Instagram photos. We also cover Instagram Story, IGTV, Whatsapp Group, Whatsapp Story and of course our 24/7 website to traffic visitors and viewers in and out. Our articles are detailed information covering most of the aspects you see on Facebook Live with real feedback that holds personal emotions, feelings, and of course ratings.

Apart from that, we ensure that our message is clear to our audience. We give detailed information about the product while keeping the atmosphere as chilled, relaxed and fun as possible. We are always open to receive feedback and inquiries from our audience and be more than glad to assist them with whatever information they require about that particular product they are interested in.

Many brands from all over have engaged Abe Bakar and ROTY to help introduce and getting the word out on their products and services. The mediums used on ROTY are tailored to give audience a detailed information on the brands, products and services available via video, photo blasts, blogging on Facebook, Instagram as well as Whatsapp Story. If you wish to have Abe Bakar and ROTY to market and promote your brand, you can immediately contact him via our online contact form below: